Effective Tips for Boiler Maintenance

The boilers work in severe conditions, due to that they need repairing for its smooth running and safety too. It is expensive, and you can’t afford to replace it every year. This problem is not only faced by homeowners but by industrialists as well. Maintenance is necessary for reducing the boiler’s shutdown time. Many steam boiler manufacturers in Pakistan are offering maintenance services at affordable prices. Following are some servicing tips to increase the boiler’s working life span. Both industrialists and housekeepers can follow these tips.


Ensure that your boiler is placed in a space where fewer people hang around. The place must be empty, so your boiler can breathe as it gets warm naturally during the heating production process. Further, it is advised to have it placed where proper ventilation is present.

Annual Maintenance

It is advised that you annually service your boiler. This is the more effective tip that reduces the chances of burnout. Further, you must get it serviced by only certified engineers as they know it better than most. In annual maintenance, the service team checks the boiler correctly and indicates any problems that may become more significant issues over time. If you don’t want to waste your time and money, it is the best choice. You can spend a tiny amount on its maintenance and get to know about slight problems early.

Pressure Check

Different boilers cope with varying levels of pressure. To keep your boiler running for long, you must monitor the pressure gauge. The pressure should be between values as mentioned by the manufacturer. If needed, change the pressure of the steam boiler to get desired heat energy. Also, monitor the need for water from time to time.


In winters, the pipes get clogged due to cold, the water cannot get through, and the efficiency of the boiler decreases. For this problem, it is recommended that you lag your pipes. Lagging your pipes is insulating your pipes against cold. It prevents cold from affecting pipes. You can run your boiler smoothly without any fabrication and piping will stay as new as before. The cost is very minimal for lagging. 

Monitor Flame

During the combustion process, you must monitor the flame. The colors other than blue are not a good sign. Changing colors can be caused by gas leakage, fire doesn’t start even if the worker light it properly, or the incomplete burning of the fuel. Immediately check for these possibilities before they cause severe damage.

Check for leaks and drips

Over time pipes get corroded, which starts dripping and can cause leakage. Another reason for leakage could be high pressure. You must keep track of the pressure gauge. Moreover, please inspect for any leakages and drippings, and get rid of them as soon as possible.

In the end, keep in mind that you should not handle any problem on your own as it may lead to explosions and fires. Only trained engineers can deal best with boilers. 

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