How to Clean Oil Burner Nozzles Yourself

Maintenance is a necessary part of increasing the lifespan of your equipment. Like all equipment for efficient and quality working of your oil furnace, you must have a maintenance routine. You can clean oil burner nozzles at home without taking boiler maintenance services from anyone. Taking professional help will cost you but doing it yourself not only saves your cost but also satisfies you. What you need to learn is the process of how the service boy did it. You act per the mark mentioned below, and your job is done. Let’s discuss how you can clean oil burner nozzles by yourself. 

How to Clean Oil Burner Nozzles Yourself

Cleaning is an essential thing for any equipment to increase its efficiency. So it’s a no wonder thing to do. But the basic cleaning and cleaning of oil burner nozzles are somehow slightly different. But the purpose is the same that is to remove the dirt or dust or any impurity from it so that it can work well in the future. It takes 1 to 3 hours to clean oil burner nozzles. You will need a few things for cleaning 

  • Wrench 
  • Cloth
  • Kerosene 
  • Big container 
  • Air compressor 

These things would help you to do cleansing easily. Also, if you don’t think you can do it, there is another option too for you to take services from Noble Associates. They provide services like pipe fabrication, boiler Installation, and many more. 

1-Turn off the power supply

The first step that is simple to follow is turning off the boiler’s power supply. Let your boiler take a breath for a second. This step is the one you must follow whenever you do any boiler maintenance thing. 

2-Equip yourself with gloves and safety goggles

Before doing anything to clean your oil burner nozzles, follow the safety precautions, including equipping yourself with gloves and safety goggles. 

3-Take out the nozzle

To remove the nozzle, use a wrench to detach all the things. The nozzle then easily can be taken out with the help of hands. 

4-Submerge the nozzle in a big container having kerosene

After removing the nozzle, take a big container of metal. Add kerosene enough to Submerge the nozzle in it. Then place a nozzle in them. After placing, wait for about 30 minutes till all the dirt and other gunk get loose or removed from it. 

5-Use cloth to blot out dirt from the nozzle

After 30 minutes, take out the nozzle from the container and clean the nozzle with the help of a cloth. 

6-Air compressor

After all, you have done, if you still feel that there is minor dirt left. Then with the help of pressurized air from the compressor, you can remove all the dirt left in the nozzle. 

7-Final step

This is the last step of cleaning an oil burner nozzle. In this step, you just reconnect all the things into their places. And that’s it. You have successfully cleaned your oil burner nozzle and saved it from other issues. This is the simplest job you can do yourself for work like pipe fabrication, boiler Installation, or erections; you can take quality services from Noble Associates. They are trustworthy for such work because they have been doing it for a very long time. 

To wrap up

Above mentioned steps are enough if you want to clean your oil burner nozzles at home. Cleaning adds life to your equipment, so it should be done often. 

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