Ways to increase boiler efficiency and performance 

Industries in Pakistan are converting their energy sources from electricity to steam boilers. They are cheap and easily operated, and they use less labor and provide greater gains. Like all other machinery to work to its complete, different techniques are used with steam boilers. Before that, one thing should be kept in mind proper boiler maintenance can also increase efficiency. Following are some ways with which the efficiency and performance of any boiler can be improved:

An optimum level of air

For complete combustion, boilers require a certain amount of extra air. If your boiler has too much excess air, it can deteriorate its performance over time. This can also result in air pollution and explosive flue gases emission. This technique comes in handy by utilizing combustion efficiency tests and monitoring gases’ temperature and content during heat production.

Use of Turbulators

This strategy is used with fire tube boilers only. The turbulators are installed inside these fire tubes and other points where heat transfer has to be done. They boost the transferring efficiency of heat, lessen the friction forces, and provide a smooth flow of heat energy. They are primarily used at the end of the heat production process when the transfer of steam is needed. Turbulators work effectively with old steam boiler Pakistan to increase their efficiency. 

Changing boiler burners

Burners are worn out after some time. No matter how expensive or perfect the burner you have got. To get rid of this problem, it is advised to restore burners when mandatory. There are a variety of boilers accessible nowadays. If you can’t afford a new burner and want to cut on the operational costs, you can upgrade it at least. This will increase the performance of the steam boiler on the whole.

Preheated water

Another way to boost the efficiency of steam boilers is by feeding the boiler with preheated water. This will decrease the time of the heat production process, and more heat energy can be produced in less time. The temperature has to be monitored of the water well from time to time because the cold water means more time is required to boil the water in the boiler. It is advised to enter water into the boiler at a temperature of 80-85 degrees Centigrade.

Decreasing boiler Pressure

Further, you can achieve a tremendous amount of heat energy by reducing the pressure on the boilers. This way, the energy can’t be lost through leaks and transferred to other areas. However, while working with this technique, you may face problems working on a boiler due to less pressure. It can create low-pressure steam, which may not be up to the mark with the industry requirements.


Last but not least, a way to increase the efficiency of your boiler is by properly insulating the valves. Engineers remove insulation from these valves in the maintenance process and afterward don’t put them back on, and this results in heat loss. Insulating these valves can help in boosting the performance of your steam boiler.

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