• The boiler burner is easy to maintain
• It has low emissions
• Strong load ability
• Small volume
• Enriches with high durability and reliability
• Provides utmost safety and performs in the safe operation


High-Tech Burners For Every Type Of Boiler:

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The burner is an essential component of any combustion control system and it provides heat through producing fire for a boiler & the boiler converts its water into steam. The burner heats the water into steam connected to the boiler’s generator.
The heat is easily increasing or decreasing it can be adjustable based on steam demand. The oil burners are the heating component of boilers powered by burning fossil fuel, including natural gas, with air or oxygen. Often, they are integrated into the boiler package,


and sometimes they are free-standing for those who wish to install their boilers or replace defective ones. The burnt and controlled fuel is transferred to the heat channel by burners burning equivalently. The heat produced by the flame is then transferred to the location where it will be used through a combustion chamber. Boiler burners Pakistan heat a large tank of water instead of heating the air. Whether you have Steam Generator or Steam Boiler, the gas burners or oil burners are necessary for every boiler to run the boiler on the peak. Modern boilers available in various sizes can deal with myriad configurations.

Gas, LPG,Diesel Burners For Boiler/Furnace In Pakistan From Noble Associates

Boiler burners for furnaces are utilized for burning fuels such as heating oil, gas, coal, wood Etc.
Noble Associates Provides GAS , LPG , OIL (HFO BURNER) Suitable for various fuels.

Noble Associates After Sells Services :

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How does the burner work?

Industrial burners works as burning fuels and Producing the heat which is homogeneously the correct channel with a combustion chamber (Such as a furnace / Boiler burner area).
The heat energy produced by the burning of fuels produces fire flames which is transferred to the required place where the energy is required this whole process is happening via a combustion chamber.

The burner motor is electrical driven which is operating the burner fan & this fan is working as a controller to feed combustion chamber air.

The engine in the liquid fuel burners also transfers the fuel to the oil pump and the liquid fuel is transferred to the fuel nozzle at a high pressure.

Solenoid valves and Gas Regulators are working to control the gas of burners Flames.

The high-voltage transformer creates the spark which is needed for the first ignition,


Natural Gas Pulverized Coal Burner :

Noble Associates provides the following complete industrial solutions for gas burners for cement plants such as pulverizer coal burners.

Rotary Furnaces, rotary kiln, silver melting furnace burners, rotary kiln cement plants,