Noble Associates Industrial Steam Generators:

We are engaged in producing versatile industrial steam Generators to become a future brand known for its name and performance in the world.

Our Steam Generator Series have gas and oil fuel operating options,
Ideal for Industrial uses such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, and other Industries that are needed to have a secondary fuel source.

Our Steam Generators have a Floating header design on an upright round drum-shaped pressure vessel. equipped with a single button, This device is from a cold start to full steam output in less than 5 minutes. To reduce the operation cost and increase the working efficiency our steam generators are ideal devices because they can provide users a cold start to the full steam condition in 5 minutes which is ideal for industrial applications and hence fuel efficient it becomes.


Key Features Of Our Steam Generators :

  • Starting From the lowest 30ppm Nox Rating depending on model
  • Our Steam generators Occupy 33% less floor space than any typical boiler
  • Equipped with an early warning scale monitor Hence it becomes safe to operate.
  • Dual fuels operations: Natural Gas / Fuel Oil.


Different Models With Steam Production Capacities :

Model # Steam Capacity Power Consumptions Ranges
NA-SG 300
NA-SG 500
NA-SG 1000
NA-SG 3000



For steam generator cost (shell and tube heat exchanger) you can contact us via Email or Whatsapp.