• Pre-assembled unit
  • High-quality product with low maintenance components
  • Compact modular design
  • Constant clean steam production
  • The heat recovery steam generator is ready to install and reducing downtime
  • Safety and efficiency assured



Buy steam generator in Pakistan from Noble Associates. Our steam generator provides accurately controlled steam generation utilizing demineralized water services and steam from a standard boiler plant. The heat recovery steam generator packages, including units, are available with a clean steam generation rate of between 70 to 5,500 kg /h. Steam is an essential source of generating heat for food and different industries. The units come mounted on a stainless steel skid and are supplied with all the necessary water level control, primary steam control and other ancillary equipment required for efficient operation.

At Noble Associates, we utilize efficient, simple, cost-effective and proven systems designed to contribute to a more sustainable environment and heat-generating solution to meet some of today’s most stringent business requirements. You can concentrate on your core business while we do the rest, from installing to running. We offer quality enriches steam generators in Pakistan, designed with hi-tech and modern design.